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Crypto Nomads Club is a community for digital nomads and frequent travelers who meet at various crypto events around the world.

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Some events we’ve been to:

Solana Breakpoint, Lisbon
Burning Man on Mars, Lisbon
Hosted by Solana Foundation
Hosted by Delphi, Terra and Jump Crypto
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CNC is a collection of 3000 social NFTs

CNC Pass Utility for members:

NFTs = Non-fungible Travelers

Our early supporters who received an airdrop of soulbound CNC NFTs.

These are our personal friends we genuinely like as people, with whom we would gladly go to events or have a drink or two with. They are seasoned crypto founders, investors, builders, creators and collectors. Many travel to crypto events as speakers and attendees on a regular basis.

We cannot guarantee the participation of any particular Crypto Fren. Some are actively engaged with our community. Some only share their geo-data on their speaking events. Some do not participate at all.

Flag emoji = where they spend most of their time 🌎 = full time digital nomads

About us

CNC was created by 2 frens who kept running into each other at various crypto conferences. We realized there’s more people like us who work remotely and pick locations based on crypto activity level. So we partnered up to build this fun community of frens.


WTF is a crypto nomad?


Anyone who is in crypto and often goes to crypto events. These could be frequent travelers or full time digital nomads.

Read this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/23/us/politics/crypto-billionaires.html

What kind of crypto events are you talking about?


We’ll start with any major travel worthy conferences that we or our frens would personally go to. We will expand the list as we grow bigger. The events we’re going to in 2022 are: ETH Paris, ETH Lisbon, Devcon, Solana Breakpoint, Miami Art Basel amongst many others.

How are the 3000 passes distributed?


100 are reserved for our Crypto Frens.
200 are reserved for CNC -  for various partnerships, give-aways, early team members, and potentially more crypto frens.
2700 will be up for sale, but released slowly in batches.

What are the funds being used for?


Check our roadmap.
CNC’s mission is to ensure members: 1. Don’t miss out on any major crypto event 2. Don’t have to travel alone.

When are you releasing CNC NFTs?


We are live! Accepting members on a rolling basis. Sign up here: https://www.premint.xyz/crypto-nomads-club/

As a member do I get free housing or tickets to events?


No. But depending on the specific event and the number of members going, we do plan to contribute a % from primary sales to some IRL benefits for members, such as dinners, discounted housing or even tickets, if we’re able, as this will depend on the actual conference organizers.

What is RamenDAO? 


It's a global dinner series named after bear market’s favorite food, hence we won't always serve ramen. It's hosted at major conferences with the aim to explore different cuisines and to connect crypto nomads IRL. Holders of RamenDAO NFTs are automatically on the CNC allowlist.

Check out our events here: RamenDAO

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